Analytical and Control Instrumentation (ACI)

Our company

Analytical and Control Instrumentation is one of the leading solution providers for analysis of water & gas in Southern Africa. The solutions supplied by ACI set the industry standard in reliability, availability, quality and technology for process analytical instruments and sample conditioning equipment.

Customers are primarily from the power, chemical, petrochemical, water & wastewater, paper and oil & gas sectors. By supplying, supporting & maintaining the analytical sampling process, ACI enables its customers to optimise their process engineering procedures. ACI provides fully qualified personnel and back-up support for the solution which it implements.

Our history

ACI was founded in 2002 primarily to be the leading supplier of online analytical instrumentation & sample conditioning equipment to the power industry in sub SaharanAfrica. Since then it has broadened its offering & since its acquisition by Invest in Africa Holdings in 2011, is now concentrating its efforts on the supply of customer specific turnkey analytical solutions to the South African and sub-Saharan markets. Our technical, project management and service departments have in excess of 150 years’ experience & have a unique positioning to provide a broad skill set that is unmatched in our market sector.

ACI is a subsidiary of the Invest in Africa Group of companies.